Raman Spectrometer

Funded by the European Research Council

Our Raman lab has a Horiba LabRAM HR Evolution UV-VIS-NIR Raman spectrometer equipped with 405, 457 and 532 nm lasers, 600 and 1800 gr/mm gratings and a liquid nitrogen-cooled back-illuminated deep depleted 1024 X 256 pixel CCD detector. The system has an open space microscope and is optimized for conducting in situ spectroscopic experiments up to magmatic temperatures. Another strength of the system is the analysis of fluid and melt inclusions in minerals due to its excellent confocality, high signal to noise ratio and the DuoScan accessory which facilitates rapid small scale mapping and signal acquisition from extended sample volume (e.g. for bulk inclusion analysis or to prevent sample damage due to laser heating). 

The LabRAM HR Evolution spectrometer
Comparison of Raman spectra obtained on synthetic fluid inclusions with 4 mol% H2S in situ at T=1000 oC by using 405 and 532 nm lasers.