Rene 41 Pressure Vessels

Constructed with the financial support of SNSF, Société Académique de Genève, Fondation Ernst et Lucie Schmidheiny, Fondation Ernest Boninchi and the University of Geneva.

This apparatus is our main workhorse for conducting experiments at P-T conditions characteristic of felsic magma bodies in the Earth’s upper crust and associated hydrothermal systems.

Performance Highlights:

  • Four furnace + vessel assemblies on the bench, each with individual pressure and temperature monitoring and control
  • Water pressure medium
  • Attainable temperature is up to 850 oC, attainable pressure is 200 MPa at 800 oC and up to 350 MPa below 700 oC.
  • Better than 7 oC temperature uniformity over 2.5 cm length in the hot zone (measured at 800 oC nominal temperature with air-cooling on).
  • Pressure vessel and furnace can rotate together to facilitate rapid quenching and heating
  • Air-cooled vessel ends to facilitate efficient rapid quenching
  • Pressure monitoring by digital pressure transducers, the calibration of which is regularly checked against an analogue Heise gauge on the main line
  • Robust, pressure leak-free design
  • Heavy-duty transparent polycarbonate safety shielding